Online Workshops

Using the power of the WEB, we'll bring you periodic informative workshops. We've archived previous Workshops here for viewing at your convenience.
*Please note due to the large file sizes, it may take as long as 15 sec for the video to start once play is pressed.

October 2017
This live podcast, conducted on October 14, 2017 was joined by over 25 of our community members, and featured Warren, Pete, and our guest Dr. Ron Brecher. We chatted about our trips to the Advanced Imaging Conference (AIC) in San Jose, California, good news about Warren's book Inside PixInsight, and some other fun, inside stuff! We then got down to discussing some of the exciting changes to PixInsight, with the latest update- version 1.8.5. While the topics discussed have been documented by formal tutorials as part of the PI Reloaded series, we thought you might enjoy this informal 'fireside chat.'
Preview Fall Catch-Up and version 1.8.5 Part 1 15:28min
Fall Catch-Up and version 1.8.5 Part 2 14:18min
Fall Catch-Up and version 1.8.5 Part 3 11:25min

January 2017
In this workshop we asked our users to submit questions relating to PixInsight basics. Please Note: This was a live workshop. None of the subjects discussed were covered as accurately or succinctly as in the video tutorials.
Preview Part-1 Pete walks us through the many resources awaiting you on the website. 18:25min
Part-2 Warren steps us through his chronological process icon set, available free to subscribers. 17:58min
Part-3 We help to solve a subscriber's BatchPreprocessing (BPP) and Debayer issues. 18:10min
Part-4 The BatchDebayer script, StarAlignment, and TGVDenoise are discussed. 26:19min
Part-5 ImageIntegration is discussed. 20:51min
Part-6 ImageIntegration and more BPP. 15:08min
Part-7 The BPP script continues. 13:38min

November 2016 Our very first Online Workshop
This was  with offered as a test for our subscribers.
Workshop Part-1 Warren discusses his new book 'Inside PixInsight' along with live demonstration of the DBE process on a subscriber's image. 21:59min
Workshop Part-2 We discuss the optimal number of exposures and the law of diminishing returns going beyond 30 images. 21:59min
New Workflows and Process Icons as a result of Workshop discussions
To complement Rogelio's monochromatic sample workflow included with PixInsight Parts 1-3, we've added Warren's new recommended workflow as well. You may find it simpler and equally as effective. Also posted is Warren's OSC version. Enjoy! Follow this link to Download.
Warren's Updated Icon Sets- Enjoy the very latest revision of Warren's famous New Instance Icons. Removed have been some older processes, descriptions (click the small red 'D') have been enhanced, and some of Warren's defaults have been tweaked. Load the Process Icons, arrange them as you like, and re-save the set. Follow this link to Download.